An extension to your existing software subscription model.

After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7. Currently 36% of all Windows PCs use a Windows 7 operating system. Not upgrading before the January deadline will leave your PCs exposed and vulnerable to targeted malicious activities.

Experience suggests that a software upgrade on an ageing PC can be troublesome, time consuming and therefore expensive. The majority of PCs over 3 years are likely to be under consideration for replacement.

It’s tempting to put off hardware purchases when you’re a small business owner. Cost is a factor, for one thing. Small businesses can ill-afford to have precious capital tied up in hardware with a clock rapidly ticking toward obsolescence.

How can Hardware-as-a-Service help your business?

Over the last 5 years most businesses have embraced the move to Software-as-a-Service.

Microsoft products are almost exclusively based on a monthly set cost. Businesses are gaining access to best of breed software at affordable monthly cost. By adding the necessary hardware to this purchase model you get a ‘Total IT Solution’ hardware, software & ongoing support for an affordable cost without the need for capital expenditure.

Key benefits of Hardware-as-a-Service:

  • Enhanced Performance.
  • Set monthly fee, no capital expenditure.
  • One Contract for a ‘Total IT Solution’.
  • One point of contact for all support.
  • Hardware & software service contract.