Remote Phone System with Microsoft Teams

Maximise your Teams setup

Microsoft Teams is more than just remote meetings and sharing documents. Teams offer a Direct Routing phone system that allows you to call to landlines and mobiles.

What is Direct Routing?

Direct routing with Microsoft Teams allows you to manage inbound and outbound called as you would with a traditional phone system. It is a flexible, accessible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans allowing your team to make calls using SIP trunks to route the calls.

Our direct routing package gives you free calls, enhanced call control features and carrier grade infrastructure allowing you to maximise value and gain additional benefit from your Teams environment.

What is required?

To enable Direct Routing for your team and to improve your remote working setup, you will need the following components:

  1. Microsoft 365 or Office 365 license including Teams
  2. Microsoft Phone System add-on
  3. Internet connection


Is this a cloud phone system like Skype?

Direct routing turns Microsoft Teams effectively into a Cloud Phone System that provides all the features you expect from a traditional phone system saving you the time and money you would usually spend to install and maintain. Many businesses already utilise Skype and other cloud based systems for making calls, however, Skype for Business is being retired in 2021 and Microsoft are encouraging all users to transition to Teams. In addition to the functions you get with Skype, you also get centralised chat, collaboration, persistent chat and more.


What are the main benefits?

  1. Voice enablement for Teams
  2. Operational excellence from the UKS leading SIP trunking provider
  3. Lower costs in comparison to Microsoft Calling Plans allowing you to maximise existing 365 license costs
  4. No expensive outlay as there is no need for traditional hardware or maintenance




Interested in Microsoft Teams Calling?

If your telephony solution is due for replacement, renewal or extension and you have a Microsoft 365 subscription or you are remote working, it would make sense to consider Microsoft Teams as a potential communications solution. Let us know and we can review your options!

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