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Cyber Aware Top Tip #3 – Strong Passwords

Weak passwords are easy for hackers to crack. Security experts say that you should use strong & unique passwords for each of your accounts online. Most people tend to choose a complex password and use it across all of their platforms, however this can leave all of your important information across several accounts vulnerable if a hacker gets hold of said password.

Cyber Aware Top Tip #1 – Email Phishing

The world of technology is forever growing and the rules are always changing. But there are some simple issues which you should make yourself aware of and put into practice. We have created a series of blog posts and posters to help you identify what can cause a cyber problem, and what you can do to prevent this going forward.

Microsoft’s New Azure Security Lab

At the beginning of the week, Microsoft announced a new Azure Security Lab for cybersecurity professionals to take advantage of. So, what’s it all about?

Most importantly, it’s worth knowing that the environment is completely isolated from the main Azure framework.

Don’t Be Left Vulnerable – Windows 7 End of Life

Did you know that come 14th January 2020, Microsoft will be beginning the Windows 7 end of life phase?

The decade old operating system will cease all support come January, meaning Microsoft will no longer be applying security updates to Windows 7 on laptops or desktops, and there is unlikely to be a support team to help should you have encounter problems in the future.

Spotlight Award Finalists 2019

Partytime ...

The Solutions 4 IT Directors in full party mode at the Spotlight Awards 2019, where they were selected finalists in the 'Most Innovative Managed Service Provider' category.

One notable absence was PJ, the poor guy went down with flu the night before.

Windows 7 Upgrades

I remember one of my last jobs before stepping across from IT Technician back into IT Sales.
A simple Windows 7 to Windows 10 upgrade, a task which turned out to be far from straight forward.

The Workstations were typically 4 years old, the operating systems were Windows 7 and the upgrades all to Windows 10.

What can possibly go wrong?

The install was straight forward, the reboot and access to the new Windows 10 desktops all went to plan.

Spotlight Awards 2019 Finalist

Congratulations goes out to the Solutions 4 IT team for reaching the finals of CompTIA’s prestigious annual awards.

Solutions4IT are a voted finalist in the ‘IT Managed Service Provider’ category.

With 6,500 MSP’s in the UK alone and CompTIA operating in 120 countries you get an idea of the value this award represents.