Microsoft Teams – Meet the hub for teamwork

Have you been looking for a digital space that you can share with your employees & clients to collaborate as one big team to reduce unnecessary emails & meetings? Microsoft Teams is a central hub for all business activities including; meetings, calling, tech device setup & management, app integrations & manage shifts & schedules - all while keeping
data safe and secure.

What is Microsoft Office 365 ‘MyAnalytics’?


Microsoft Office 365 have released a new AI powered productivity insights feature called ‘MyAnalytics’. It presents you with information & analytical data which can help you to improve your work patterns.

The program offers:
• Statistics about how you have spent your time over a specific period
• Insights into your work habits
• Offers tips for improvement
• Collaboration activities

The benefit of this program means you can set time aside for your week before it starts to get busy with meetings, emails and phone calls.

Why should you be using Two Factor Authentication?

Passwords have started to get weaker as a form of security. In the current climate of cyber awareness, there are more attacks and breaches than ever, making it even more important to use a good password.

We covered good password measures in a previous blog post here, however there are still millions of people who still use the same passwords for different accounts and platforms, as well as using information within the password which is super easy to come by like birthdays or names of family.

Cyber Aware Top Tip #6 – Voice Phishing

What is voice phishing (vishing)? It’s very similar to email phishing, except this scam takes place over the phone.

Voice phishing is the most human of social engineering scams, making it all more believable. Have you seen the advert by Barclays? This is a perfect example of how fraudsters can use simple conversational elements which we’re used to hearing from
trusted establishments and take advantage of that trust.

Why are Cyber Attacks on Universities on the Rise?

Academic institutions are becoming a large target for cyber-attacks. Due to the sheer size of universities, the damage done by cyber criminals can be vast. Not only can it damage reputation, it can have major financial repercussions both instant (breach of regula tion fines) and long term (difficulty securing future funding).

You may think that universities aren’t worth targeting as there are much larger companies who are more appealing at first glance.

Cyber Aware Top Tip #5 – Shoulder Surfers

What is Shoulder Surfing? Sometimes known as tailgating, shoulder surfing is the practice of spying on a user of an electronic device in order to obtain their data or passwords etc. This can be both an online and offline activity, so it’s important to be vigilant to prevent attacks.

Cyber Aware Top Tip #4 – Removeable Media

Although cloud storage is a popular method of holding data, there are still physical products which are used by many people to store and transfer their information. Items like USB sticks, SD cards & external hard drives are good examples of portable devices and we don’t suspect that they’ll be disappearing any time soon due to their versatile nature both inside and outside of the workplace.

Cyber Aware Top Tip #3 – Strong Passwords

Weak passwords are easy for hackers to crack. Security experts say that you should use strong & unique passwords for each of your accounts online. Most people tend to choose a complex password and use it across all of their platforms, however this can leave all of your important information across several accounts vulnerable if a hacker gets hold of said password.

Cyber Aware Top Tip #1 – Email Phishing

The world of technology is forever growing and the rules are always changing. But there are some simple issues which you should make yourself aware of and put into practice. We have created a series of blog posts and posters to help you identify what can cause a cyber problem, and what you can do to prevent this going forward.