3 most common misconceptions businesses have about moving over to the cloud

Moving your business over to the cloud comes with many benefits

For many businesses moving their whole business over to the cloud is a big game changing decision for those that are looking to increase the scale of their services and capacity. Microsoft Azure is a platform that provides a foundation for businesses to hit the ground running when they transfer over to the cloud with application suites like Microsoft 365. However many people are reluctant to make this move as a result of a few misconceptions that could actually be costing them a lot more.

Loss of control over your own data & technology

This is one of the biggest fears for businesses yet it is completely untrue. With the right documentation and Security controls you will still have complete and total control over your technology. In addition to this the security measures taken by platforms such as Azure means it is very hard for smaller companies to have security systems and processes at the same high level Microsoft can achieve.

Moving over to the cloud can offer a Business Security, Productivity and Cost improvements compared with on premise systems.

It’s all or nothing with the cloud

You have so many different options to choose from but most importantly you are able to move over at your own pace. The majority of implementations will begin with a hybrid approach which can consist of moving over a single workload e.g. emails. Moving over to the cloud isn’t a process that needs to occur overnight. The cloud will simplify your IT and will deliver apps and data to any user on any device. You are also in control of your organisation’s capabilities and are able to scale up or down as necessary without needing to worry about onsite technology investments.

Emails are difficult to manage in the cloud

With the cloud you won’t need to worry about email downtime as on the cloud side automatic updates will occur in the background. Therefore you can rest easy knowing that this part of maintenance and updates are being looked after by the experts, while you focus on your business.. For more information about Cloud services, visit our page here.



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