What is IASME Gold and how it can help your business?

What is IASME Gold and how it can help your business?

With businesses facing so many cybersecurity issues, it is only natural to find a way to contain data breaches and align your organisation to a standard that could help keep cybersecurity risks under control.

There is no bulletproof method, but aligning businesses with the IASME Governance Standards is a right step forward. Let's talk about Iasme and how it can help your business.

What are the IASME Governance Standard's objectives?

IASME Governance Standard is a system for an organisation to put into action new methods of securing its information, improve existing methods and be recognised for doing so. Carrying out the IASME Gold Standard creates security-aware workers as part of business as usual.

IASME with its series of measures compiled by SMEs for SMEs and with help of the Technology Strategy Board provides common ground for SMEs.

Compatibility with Cyber Essentials Plus

IASME Consortium helped develop Cyber Essentials Plus requirements and is one of the Scheme's Accreditation Bodies.

Cyber Essentials was developed to reduce the risk from common digital threats, it is based mostly on the everyday attack paths that lead to all organisations. It is descriptive and is aiming to provide a base set of controls, it is also the starting point for IASME accreditation since it's rules are incorporated in the IASME Governance Standard.

So, IASME Gold incorporates Cyber Essentials and is the next step for an SME to protect itself from cybercrime.

Solutions4IT is an IASME certification body which is trained and licensed to certify organisations both against the Government's Cyber Essentials Scheme, Cyber Essentials Plus and the IASME governance standard.