4 reasons to install an antivirus on your phone

4 reasons to install an antivirus on your phone

A study released in August states that adults spend one day a week on their phones, that means that 24 hours every week are spent over our phones whether we are checking our emails or browse our social media channels, a lot of our time is invested in our phones, and we have so much information stored on our devices. Think that we use our phones to check our bank statements, we store our credit card details to shop online.

And don't think that if you have an iPhone you are safe. It is true that there is not that much malware for iO, but it doesn't mean that cybercriminals aren't interested in your data.

So here are some reasons for you to install that antivirus on your phone and add an extra layer of protection.

We store important data on our phone and cybercriminals want it!

We keep on our phones most of our digital life, bank details, credit card details, we store photos, we use locations services. All this information is a treasure for cybercriminals who want to hack our accounts.

They optimise battery life
We all want our phone's battery to last as long as possible. An antivirus will verify in real time, how much your apps consume, it also lets you stop those apps that consume a lot and optimise both the battery and performance of your device.

Easily locate your phone in case you lose it

Self-explanatory actually. With an antivirus, you can locate your device easily and

Remote lock it and block access to your information

With the help of an antivirus, you can just lock your device so nobody can access your important information, even if they change the sim.

So, why not protect your data?

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash