Oversharing is a threat to cyber security

Oversharing is a threat to cyber security

One of our mantras when it comes to cybersecurity is that "an educated staff is your first line of defence. So, we try to educate our customers to be safe against cybercriminals and attacks.

But a few days ago while checking social media we found an interesting post on LinkedIn showing us that people sometimes just don't know that security is more than a long and secure password or an antivirus installed on your computer.

People forget that cybercriminals use social engineering so that they can disclose sensitive information.

Well, in our case, a criminal wouldn't need to use social engineering to find important details, it seems the person in question was giving them freely in a train.

So, remember, it might sound paranoid, but the best way to protect yourself against cyber-criminals is to give them as little information as possible. That means stop talking about your business in public places such as a train.


Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash