Outsourced IT security services

Don’t leave your IT security to chance; your business continuity plan demands a robust approach to protecting your digital assets. Whether you are safeguarding customer details, employee records or confidential business information, your IT infrastructure needs to be robust, secure and constantly monitored and managed for any security breaches or cyber-attacks.

A full outsource service

We offer a full outsourced IT security service, designed to give business customers total peace of mind that their digital assets are being adequately protected and monitored. Whatever your business size, industry or budget, we can help you to safeguard your operation.

Working closely with you

IT SecurityOur team of experts will work with your in-house resource to assess your existing IT security capabilities and identify any gaps, risks or opportunities to improve – whether that’s by bolstering your firewall IT support or upgrading your antivirus support for business software packages.

We work with firewalls and antivirus software such the Watchguard suite of products from Watchguard.com, Trend Micro antivirus and internet security and Veeam backup software. These products need to be correctly installed and regularly updated to protect your business from malicious viruses and hacker attempts. Without the right security in place your IT systems can be hacked into and compromised – with systems destroyed and customer data accessed and stolen. This can lead to heavy financial penalties for companies and a severe loss of reputation and business.

A professional IT security service

Our professional IT security services make things easy and safe for you. We act as an extension of your business, providing you with rapid and flexible access to seasoned experts who will deliver a bespoke IT security package to suit your operation’s unique needs.

Competitive packages

We offer excellent packages that are designed around you, all at highly competitive rates. We provide ongoing performance monitoring and present regular analytics to your business managers in order to flag up key IT security issues, and to facilitate decision-making.

We offer consultancy to help you decide which IT security systems you want to invest in to safeguard your business – advising on different price-points, security approaches and future-proofing options to allow your business to remain secure in the longer-term.

We also stress-test your system and run simulation tests to ensure that the IT security systems we install and manage for you are completely robust and fit for purpose – evidencing their performance throughout for complete peace of mind.

Efficient and effective

Our team are highly trained and experienced, effective and efficient in their roles. We offer flexible access to the skills and support that you need, without needing to maintain a large in-house team at great expense. We are only ever a quick phone call away when you need us, and we work hard to play an integral role in your business.

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