IT Infrastructure and Networking

Solutions4IT provide over 18 years of experience in the Network and IT infrastructure sector.
Our infrastructure specialists can provide in depth reports on requirements and management of your IT infrastructure.

Do I need an IT infrastructure?

When you are working, or arrive at the school you attend or work at, you will be familiar with the ways you access data through the workplace systems. This might be accessing a CRM system to manage customers or logging into a central task management system which shows your jobs for the day. All of these systems require an entire infrastructure of hardware, software and people to support them as well as a solid well connected network for the information to be transmitted across. Failure of any of these systems could mean an entire workplace is out of action for hours or even days in major failures.

What do you mean by IT Infrastructure?

IT Infrastructure is a catchall term for all the Hardware, Software, Networking and services which provide the IT environment required for your Business or Workplace to run effectively.
It encompasses not only the hardware side of installation, such as network switches, cabling and of course an internet connection through a broadband provider, but also includes the organisational side of the IT systems as a whole. Such as services to manage employees and customers or members.
IT Infrastructure is a combination of all of the components required for an IT or an IT-enabled operation to function and manage its systems.

How does infrastructure break down into the component parts.

A typical IT infrastructure would combine
• Hardware such as Servers, Computers, Network Switches, Hubs and routers, Hardware firewalls and any fibre connectivity
• Software such as windows licenses, Office and productivity software, Resource planning and enterprise resource planning (ERP), CRM and customer management software, Backup software and software firewalls
• Broadband and internet connectivity and bandwidth management
• Support from a team of professionals for the management of these systems and proactive monitoring to prevent any failures

IT Hardware Infrastructure Specialists

We have installed hundreds of large scale networks and server infrastuctures including schools and other educational establishments. Our team of engineers can provide you with a full breakdown of your current system capabilities and recommended capabilities to manage workloads and future expansion.

We can provide over 18 years of networking and IT management experience in planning and executing IT infrastructure builds. Ensuring your workplace has the systems in place that it needs to work and grow and the fastest and most consistent pace possible.

Our IT Infrastructure team will provide
• A full network and bandwidth planning and installation document
• Hardware requirement specifications and support recommended contracts
• Local and Remote/Offsite backup systems and process plans.
• Software license management and requirement planning
• Installation support and customisation for all software
• Onsite and offsite first line support and guidelines

Planning for the future

As an experienced IT support company, we know exactly the kinds of issues that can arise form a badly planned IT infrastructure. Expanding your existing network to cope with future business needs should be planned in from the start.

With the full support of Solutions 4 IT we can ensure this never happens to your business and that your IT infrastructure planning and installation is dealt with in the most professional and costly method possible.

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